happy saturday


Happy Saturday – Urban Art & Music Festival happening on 17th November (Saturday) at New World Park, Penang, Malaysia. There will be a non-stop performance by local artists while you eat and shop till you drop at the flea/food market as well. Swing by if you are in the vicinity.

Happy Saturday - Urban Art & Music Festival

Date : 17th November, Saturday (of course)
Venue : New World Park, Jalan Burmah, Penang
Time : 1pm to 11pm
Genre : Rock, Hip Hop, Alternative, Dance, Unplugged, Pop, Jazz, DJ, Canto, Malay, English, etc!

*More than 30 local artists, 9 hours non stop music showcase, FREE to public!
**Besides, there will be Flea market, New World Park food court, cafe, restaurant etc!

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8 Responses to “happy saturday”

  1. Daaditsu Says:

    See u guys thr.. remember to wear yellow 🙂

  2. Crappy Saturday Says:

    The whole thing was a big mess.. bunch of kiddie organizers enjoying themselves.. neglecting the general crowds.. don’t wear a big hat if u don’t have a big head.

    The bands were great but the thing as a whole was a big flop. So sad it turned out to be a Crappy Saturday.. no thanks to the kiddie team of organizers.. 🙂

  3. Daaditsu Says:

    Wow.. glad u like it 🙂

  4. Happy Says:

    Crappy Saturday,

    Thks for ur suport. No matter u happy or not..that none of business.
    It was totally free event. We cannt force people be happy about. If you dun like..you can dun need to come on our the next Happy Saturday!!

  5. keyboard junkie Says:

    What?! There is another Happy Saturday?! My God! HE must really hate Penagites!

  6. I enjoyed happy saturday! Says:

    to mr. crappy saturday and other haters,…

    actually im quite impressed that a bunch of “KIDDIES” managed to pull this event off and getting in the great bands you mentioned.

    perhaps you are better and more resourceful, and “matured” ( manured rather!) lets see you pull off a similar event.

    small events at the corner of penang dont count.

    1. i do not know what is your definition of a success since you wrote this event off as a flop. maybe you tried before but didnt quite make it.

    2. penang needs more people who are “PROACTIVE” and not people who just sit around and complain. pull your resources together and do your part for the art scene.

    3. if you still dont like it, just dont avail yourself for the event in future. but i can assure you that in your absence there will be easily over 100 people there in the spirit of pure free enjoyment.

  7. Daaditsu Says:

    what a bitch.. stop coming here.

  8. Crappy Saturday = Armchair Analyst = Slacker Says:

    all talk no show (literally)

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