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the hiatus

1 June 2010

2 years, that’s how long this blog went on hiatus. I hope to write again, and I hope the other contributors are ready too. I love you guys.


8th european union film festival 2007

21 November 2007

The upcoming 8th European Union Film Festival 2007 screenings are from 20th – 26th December 2007, in Golden Screen Cinemas Gurney Plaza Penang.

More information : Movie Synopsis | Showtimes (Gurney Plaza)

8th European Union Film Festival 2007
8th European Union Film Festival 2007


13 November 2007

I was supposed to be studying for my Linux Certification, but here I am writing a post on Sigur Rós‘s Hvarf-Heim.

I got the album last week at Rock Corner, from my KL-Penang delivery-boy, keyboard junkie. He bought an extra copy for himself as well without knowing what to expect from this compilation album. But he will definitely be pleased when he found out that what he bought for us was a limited edition double CD digipak, first pressing only.

It is a double disc compilation album with previously unreleased studio tracks plus live acoustic version of previously released studio tracks. It made up a total of (5+6) 11 tracks as a companion to Heima DVD (a film by Sigur Rós).



Disc 1 : Hvarf | Heim : Disc 2


Hvarf, these are supposed to be the almost forgotten/lost tracks from various points in the band’s career. It starts out with Salka, which the guitar reminds me of Explosions in the Sky. But when Jónsi’s voice settles in, you can bet for a hell of great musical-lyrical journey ahead. My personal favorite would be Í Gær, which can be heard through out Heima’s trailer. Just can’t get enough/over of the tinkling intro..

Heim, these are tracks recorded during the band’s summer 2006 and early spring 2007 tour in Iceland. And as a person that prefers live recordings compare to studios, I have to say Heim overshadowed Hvarf. The stripped down tracks are simply amazing and are as good as the non-acoustic/electrical versions. To my pleasant surprise, powerful tracks like Starálfur, Vaka (Untitled #1) and Ágætis Byrjun were not much off from their original electrical versions, I wonder how they do it. Overall the vocals are much crystallized, in a way much warmer. Even the sad sounding piano riff doesn’t sound sad at all 🙂

There are good-bad reviews over the Internet, but personally I think Sigur Rós stole it.

Some can’t get into the band at all, no matter how hard they try. But I was born to take craps like this (its a compliment). Got to catch them perform live before I die.

happy saturday

2 November 2007

Happy Saturday – Urban Art & Music Festival happening on 17th November (Saturday) at New World Park, Penang, Malaysia. There will be a non-stop performance by local artists while you eat and shop till you drop at the flea/food market as well. Swing by if you are in the vicinity.

Happy Saturday - Urban Art & Music Festival

Date : 17th November, Saturday (of course)
Venue : New World Park, Jalan Burmah, Penang
Time : 1pm to 11pm
Genre : Rock, Hip Hop, Alternative, Dance, Unplugged, Pop, Jazz, DJ, Canto, Malay, English, etc!

*More than 30 local artists, 9 hours non stop music showcase, FREE to public!
**Besides, there will be Flea market, New World Park food court, cafe, restaurant etc!

More information on Happy Saturday

flower in the pocket

23 October 2007

UPDATES 20071023|1901 : According to Ms Tan the tickets are not for sale yet, but bulk reservations will get good discounts. Leave a comment if you are interested to watch the film on 20th December 2007 at Golden Screen Cinemas Gurney Plaza Penang.


As mentioned in previous post, a Malaysian filmmaker Liew Seng Tat has proven his talent and abilities in the Korean 12th Pusan International Film Festival (PITT). The debut feature film that granted him fame and glory, Flower in the Pocket, won the New Currents Award and the KNN Audience Award in Pusan Int Film Festival.


Flower in the Pocket

Flower in the Pocket


Flower in the Pocket

They just want to love and to be loved


The good news is the film will be release in Golden Screen Cinemas Gurney Plaza Penang on 20th December 2007. For more information on the film, movie posters and director please visit Da Huang Pictures.

1st korean film festival 2007

11 October 2007

A Malaysian independent filmmaker Liew Seng Tat has just won two top awards this year at the 12th Pusan International Film Festival (PITT) held in Korea for his film Flower in the Pocket.

And now comes the 1st Korean Film Festival 2007 🙂


Korean Film Festival 2007

1st Korean Film Festival 2007


It is the 1st Korean Film Festival to be held in Malaysia and are proudly brought to us by Golden Screen Cinemas. For Penangites, the screenings are from 1st – 5th November 2007, in Golden Screen Cinemas Gurney Plaza Penang.

Tickets for the film festival, at RM5, can be purchased from the cinema’s box office or online. Click here for the showtimes and other information.

Its gonna be lovely!

filem alternatif rakyat

20 June 2007

Date : 24th June 2007
Time : 9:30am – 5:00pm
Venue : Dewan Sri Pinang, Penang


filem alternatif rakyat


1) 1:30pm – 2:10pm “Alice Lives Here” oleh Reel Powers
2) 2:10pm – 2:40pm “Paradise Bus” oleh Chi Too
3) 2:40pm – 3:10pm “Twelve 11” oleh Loh Yin San, Ong Ju Lin & Claudia Theophilus
4) 3:10pm – 3:40pm “The Tapper and the Law” oleh Rajan Paramesran
5) 3:40pm – 4:10pm “The Invisible Children” oleh Hariati Azizan
6) 4:10pm – 4:40pm “Sustainable Penang” oleh Cahayasuria Communication Centre


For more information, visit Pesta Rakyat Merdeka.

7th french film festival 2007

13 June 2007

Today is the last day of the 7th French Film Festival 2007, held in Golden Screen Cinemas Gurney Plaza Penang. I had missed out the entire week of great French films due to my work nature. I work night shifts.


French Film Festival 2007

7th French Film Festival 2007


I always have the hots for French films and have been watching them all for the past few years. Even bought the DVDs to watch it again, and to keep as collections. Not this year though, I missed them all.

I have no other choice but to blame workload and additional responsibilities that I recently took up. Its a good thing to get more work load and responsibilities, because you get to learn more things by doing so. But to the extend of taking up your own personal time, its bad. Come to think of it, I should blame myself and my time management *smirk* .

Well what can I do, except to wait for the upcoming 8th French Film Festival next year. Promise myself will see it all no matter what. May be even take a couple of days off just for it, just like a friend of mine working in CPI 🙂

balai eh koay piak

28 February 2006

Along Dato Keramat road in Penang, to the right of Balai Polis Daerah Timur Laut (police station); you will find a nasi kandar stall by the roadside. I have never been there until last Sunday morning around 2:30AM.

A friend I met there told me the ayam goreng (fried chicken) is good. But previously I have heard from others that the daging (beef) is marvelous. Yet the owner claimed to have the biggest succulent sotong (squid) in town. They were all right in their own rightful ways, and it was at an affordable price too 😀

The owner is pretty friendly and a very chatty guy too. Unfortunately we only chatted a few lines, didn’t really get a chance to ask for his name. Alright! I was too busy stuffing myself with the others at that time. How could I not when I have sotong, daging, telur bawang (fried omelets with slice onions) and telur rebus (hard-boiled egg) sitting on my plate staring at me??


balai eh koay piak

MisterOwner and Sweejin


Nowadays, I seldom visit the capati-list mamak chain for an ordinary plate of decent nasi kandar. Why not? That’s because they no longer cook good food (mass production with no quality control). I go indie, I go to ‘balai eh koay piak‘.

You should go too.