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happy saturday

2 November 2007

Happy Saturday – Urban Art & Music Festival happening on 17th November (Saturday) at New World Park, Penang, Malaysia. There will be a non-stop performance by local artists while you eat and shop till you drop at the flea/food market as well. Swing by if you are in the vicinity.

Happy Saturday - Urban Art & Music Festival

Date : 17th November, Saturday (of course)
Venue : New World Park, Jalan Burmah, Penang
Time : 1pm to 11pm
Genre : Rock, Hip Hop, Alternative, Dance, Unplugged, Pop, Jazz, DJ, Canto, Malay, English, etc!

*More than 30 local artists, 9 hours non stop music showcase, FREE to public!
**Besides, there will be Flea market, New World Park food court, cafe, restaurant etc!

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balai eh koay piak

28 February 2006

Along Dato Keramat road in Penang, to the right of Balai Polis Daerah Timur Laut (police station); you will find a nasi kandar stall by the roadside. I have never been there until last Sunday morning around 2:30AM.

A friend I met there told me the ayam goreng (fried chicken) is good. But previously I have heard from others that the daging (beef) is marvelous. Yet the owner claimed to have the biggest succulent sotong (squid) in town. They were all right in their own rightful ways, and it was at an affordable price too 😀

The owner is pretty friendly and a very chatty guy too. Unfortunately we only chatted a few lines, didn’t really get a chance to ask for his name. Alright! I was too busy stuffing myself with the others at that time. How could I not when I have sotong, daging, telur bawang (fried omelets with slice onions) and telur rebus (hard-boiled egg) sitting on my plate staring at me??


balai eh koay piak

MisterOwner and Sweejin


Nowadays, I seldom visit the capati-list mamak chain for an ordinary plate of decent nasi kandar. Why not? That’s because they no longer cook good food (mass production with no quality control). I go indie, I go to ‘balai eh koay piak‘.

You should go too.